Our formula to each and every product we develop in our company is the balance of Health and Taste. Our families eat what we produce and if it's not good enough for our family, then it's not good enough for Australia. Our products are wholesome, nutritious and lovingly made with the finest ingredients for a tantalizing and authentic Middle Eastern taste

All our products are made in Australia and we are licensed to display the official ‘Australian made logo’ on all our products. For more information about our Australian Made branding, click here to visit our profile page

Our products are made with unique recipes passed down through generations of culinary expertise.
Our experienced chefs and development team are working around-the-clock to offer Australians a choice of delicious, wholesome and authentic Middle Eastern food easily prepared within the comfort of their own home.

With our current range and many more products continuously being created by our professional team, distributors and retailers can take advantage of these delicious products and benefit from the increasing demand of authentic Middle Eastern flavors. We not only guarantees the finest food products but are committed to providing top quality service and support to all distributors and retailers to grow their business together with Lamia’s Quick Snacks.

We employ our own talented Australian designers to produce creative marketable packaging and point-of-sale displays (Posters, banners, promotional flags, hand posters, freezer stickers, and ticket strip design)

Lamia’s Quick Snack packaging are designed with the use of striking design elements and vibrant colours aimed to self-promote our products and drive sales; granting it a competitive edge.

Each of our product packaging is (290mm x 170mm) in size incorporating a freshness resealable slider for convenient storing with attractive visuals appeal. Each packaging contains detailed nutritional values, ingredients and relevant dietary information presented to help consumers choose and enjoy a healthy diet.

Our packaging are ready to go into your eftpos and sales system. We use an international bar code label for each product type that we produce which scans with majority of the systems in the industry. We go that extra mile to provide this for businesses to enhance traceability of products, stock and inventory control and overall sustainability for your business.